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The MORPC Regional Sustainability Dashboard provides the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date representation of the region's sustainability goals, as defined in the Regional Sustainability Agenda, and serves as the official status report for progress toward those goals. The dashboard is intended for use by anyone with an interest in the sustainability of the region, including planners, elected officials, researchers, the media, the public, and you!

The sustainability measures displayed on the dashboard are derived from MORPC data and authoritative third-party data and has undergone thorough quality checks. The measures are updated as often as practical, depending on the nature of the data and the release cycles of the data providers. The data and processes used to compute the measures are fully documented and are available via links provided on the dashboard.

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We love data, but we realize that not everyone shares our passion for outlier analysis and correlation coefficients. That's why we've created special "views" to make the dashboard accessible to users with all sorts of needs and interests. Some of the most commonly-used views are described below. Feel free to choose whichever view suits you! Not exactly what you are looking for? You can also create your own! Use the Tutorial view (link below) to learn how.

The dashboard is designed for use with Google Chrome and is best experienced on a device with a wide display. The app may not perform as intended when accessed using an alternate browser or small-format device.


Screenshot of MORPC Regional Sustainability Dashboard (normal mode)

This is the default view of the dashboard as curated by the dashboard team. It is fully interactive and is designed to provide a balanced mix of indicator visualizations and contextual information (explanatory text and legends).


Screenshot of MORPC Regional Sustainability Dashboard (compact mode)

Similar to Normal view, except explanatory text and legends are hidden to allow more visualizations to be viewed at the same time.


Screenshot of MORPC Regional Sustainability Dashboard (tutorial mode)

Identical to Normal view, except that the interactive tutorial starts automatically when the page loads.

Sustainability progress at a glance

The dashboard provides a wealth of information, but sometimes you just want to know the essentials. Well, look no further! This section provides the most recent snapshot of the status of each of the objectives. It is updated automatically whenever new data is available. Want more detail about a particular goal? Click the section headers to see a dashboard view focused on that goal.

The rightmost column in the tables below indicates how each measure is trending. A green thumbs-up indicates that the measure is trending in the desired direction. A red thumbs-down means that the measure is trending in an unfavorable direction. A grey question mark means that no trend can be identified. This may result when there are insufficient data points to compute a trendline or when the trendline is perfectly flat. The trend computation considers data from the past ten years.

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More about the Regional Sustainability Agenda

MORPC is Central Ohio’s regional council for more than 70 members comprised of counties, cities, villages, townships, and regional organizations. The Regional Sustainability Agenda was created by MORPC's Sustainability Advisory Committee to capture a vision for sustainability as defined by MORPC members. The committee is comprised by a group of sustainability experts representing a mix of representatives from the public, private, and academic sectors.

The agenda articulates five goals related to energy consumption, natural resources, economic opportunity, sustainable neighborhoods, and collaboration. The agenda also specifies a set of 22 objectives to further these goals. For each objective, a measure is defined to evaluate progress toward that objective. In general, each measure has a baseline value that reflects the starting point, as well as a target value that represents the desired state when the agenda expires. The latest revision of the agenda was created in 2017 and will expire in 2020, at which time the committee may re-evaluate the agenda and define new objectives.

Learn about the Sustainability Advisory Committee Read the Agenda

Who is behind this?

The MORPC Regional Sustainability Dashboard was created by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) at The Ohio State University with significant guidance from MORPC's Sustainability Advisory Committee and Regional Data Advisory Committee.